Soft Story Rehabilitation

Many properties, residential, commercial and apartment buildings have what is called a soft story condition. This term is used to describe any building that has a habitable room or rooms above a garage, carport or porch area that was not specifically designed to transmit shear or lateral forces to the story above. Failures of these types of building or structure with soft story conditions can lead to loss of lives in an earthquake. Santa Monica and Los Angeles have already passed ordinances to require retrofitting of all soft story buildings.

Seismic Retrofitting

Houses built before 1979—before residential seismic building codes were consistently enforced—may be more vulnerable to earthquake damage. Even a moderate earthquake can severely damage a pre-1979 house that has not been retrofitted to current building standards.  A seismic retrofit strengthens a house to make it more resistant to earthquake damage.
One way to seismically retrofit an older house is to bolt the house to its foundation and brace the walls around the crawl space with plywood.

Retrofit Certifications

Cal-Quake will inspect your property to make sure it is up to current city code.  If it is, we will issue a Retrofit Certification within 24 hours of inspection.  If you home is not up to current code, we will make suggestions, in writing, as to what needs to be done in order to pass city inspection. We take care of everything for you.  From pulling work permits to setting up appointments with city inspectors to making sure you pass inspection.

Foundation Repair

During the inspection, the property and it’s surroundings are inspected for conditions that indicate prior or future seismic and/or foundation concerns. Some of these items include structural defects that affect the performance of the property during an earthquake. Cal-Quake experts check for cracks in foundations, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors along with drainage concerns.

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